// AddDelete one or more hash fields
HDEL key field [field ...]
// AddDetermine if a hash field exists
HEXISTS key field
// AddGet the value of a hash field
HGET key field
// AddGet all the fields and values in a hash
// AddIncrement the integer value of a hash field by the given number
HINCRBY key field increment
// AddIncrement the float value of a hash field by the given amount
HINCRBYFLOAT key field increment
// AddGet all the fields in a hash
// AddGet the number of fields in a hash
HLEN key
// AddGet the values of all the given hash fields
HMGET key field [field ...]
// AddSet multiple hash fields to multiple values
HMSET key field value [field value ...]
// AddIncrementally iterate hash fields and associated values
HSCAN key cursor [MATCH pattern] [COUNT count]
// AddSet the string value of a hash field
HSET key field value
// AddSet the value of a hash field, only if the field does not exist
HSETNX key field value
// AddGet all the values in a hash